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Design/Build is a "one-stop shopping" approach to home remodeling, new construction, and house additions where

the architectural designer and building contractor are one and the same. Imagine

the benefits of making a single phone call

to a team that can handle your entire construction project! From initial conceptual drawings, budgets, permits, feasibility

studies and working drawings to the actual construction and final walk-through, MAC Building Construction's design/build

will employ a team of experts in their

fields to complete each step. 

Whether you are remodeling your existing bathroom, creating a new master bathroom

or adding an additional custom bathroom to your Northern Virginia home, MAC Building Construction can build your dream bathroom from the beginning design phase all the way through the construction phase of your bathroom remodel. We can also add a

new master bathroom suite to your home

or remodel or expand your existing

bathroom suite.

- Kitchen

- Bathroom

- Basement

- Addition

- Deck

- Painting Etc.


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